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Nmlra.orgThe National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association can be reached at

The association has the objective of preserving America’s heritage in the sport of muzzleloading by virtue of recreational, educational and cultural initiatives. These include hunting, historical re-enactments and educational programs. In addition to listing existing initiatives and forthcoming events via a provided calendar, the website is conformed by categories such as a classifieds board and a list of clubs spanning the US. A sizable portion of the site itself is devoted to shooting opportunities and related activities, and shoot records are described online in a concise manner. There is also a “What’s New?” category that highlights the latest additions to the website. On the other hand, information on how to subscribe to Muzzle Blast (a monthly NMLRA publication) is provided online, alongside guidelines for those who wish to make contributions to the magazine. Lastly, targets and assorted merchandise can be procured by following the provided link.

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