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NHec.comServing around 80,000 members in 116 towns and cities in the state of New Hampshire, this electric co-op not only provides a valuable community service, but it also built a particularly useful and interesting website where users can read about policies and guidelines in regards to the environment, living costs and future projects, but also find interesting tips to keep the bill down, lead a more sustainable life or build an alternative energy generator and get a rebate. Other conservation resources include calculators to determine the cost of running a home or business based on the energy use of each appliance, so science teachers might find it interesting too.


The site is very nicely designed, and it’s definitely comfortable for a wide audience, regardless of level of expertise online. An extensive catalogue of products and services listing the different options for home and business clients is available through the site, plus clients can log in to pay for their bills. But the self-service area allows a variety of activities, including requesting new building service, reconnection or transfer of service.


Author : Steve Dixon

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