KillerStartups – Clean Water In Reusable Bottles

NewWaveEnviro.comBoost your environment karma count by visiting this site, where you can discover a wide range of water filter products alongside reusable bottles and containers made of stainless steel, polycarbonate and corn. New Wave Enviro develops innovative filters which are sometimes build into the containers themselves or can be fixed to the tap or shower to clean your tap water supply of chlorine and other toxins.

Users can learn about the dangers of these toxins on the site, and also read why having reusable water bottles is better for the environment; a complete catalogue of products can be found on the site, but unfortunately there is no information on pricing, nor how to find out where to buy their products from (you can email them about it, though). If building an eCommerce platform is not an option, it could still be a good idea to provide links to online retailers who sell their products, as not only would this increase the percentage of sales, but also make the site more useful for its visitors.

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