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Neupro.comThis is the main website for an innovative medical product dedicated to the treatment of the signs and symptoms of early stage idiopathic Parkinson’s disease. Neupro.


com is on the internet to promote Neupro, a rotigotine transdermal system of patches worn on the skin. This product is made by Schwarz Pharma, a company of the UBC group, and it has been recalled in the United Stated during the last months. Through this site you’ll get to know all Neupro’s features, including instructions of use, composition, effects, and how to purchase instructions. However, the website is focused exclusively on healthcare professionals from America and Europe; here physicians, pharmacists, and wholesalers can get information related to returning Neupro. By entering the “Instructions to return Neupro” section, these professionals can download a .pdf document with all they need to know to manage this product back to the source. At the bottom of the homepage, visitors in general can access Important Safety Information regarding the use of this product.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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