– High Quality Medical Illustrations

Netterimages.comThe images that are available at medicine and biology books are spectacular. I’m amazed by the precision and the amount of details they show. is a collection of this kind of illustrations. The names behind this task are Frank H. Netter, John Craig, and Carlos Machado. The publisher that has been working with these professionals is Elsevier. The site has a search engine that will allow you to look for any particular image that you may need. If you know in which book the image you are looking for was published, you can use that as a startup point in your search. If what you know is which artist created the illustration, you can also use the search engine to look it up. The other option that you have is to select the medical specialty to which this image belongs. All the images in the site are available for you to purchase. The cost will depend on the usage you are planning to give to the picture. Visit to find out more about this topic.