NetFAQs.Com – Frequently Asked Questions

NetFAQs.ComNetFAQs.Com covers many of the most common Internet programs in use.

You can learn more about its service by choosing your operating system by clicking on one of the links provided at the homepage. These links are Frequently Asked Questions, Key Settings, Common Errors and Solutions, PC Windows Set Up, Apple Macintosh Set Up, Linux Set Up, and NetFAQs ISP Recommendations. Once you select the option that suit your needs you will have to choose a topic by clicking one of links provided. For example if you choose windows operating system, some of the links are Internet connections including E-Mail and Newsgroups, Instant Messengers and Chat Clients, Dial-Up Connections, DSL Connections, Adult Website Filtering, Miscellaneous, Checking the version of windows, and much more. If your choice is Macintosh Operating System some of the links are Internet Connection, Browsers for Surfing, E-Mail and Newsgroups, Checking the Version of Macintosh, and much more.

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