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NeruBiotech.comDo you have chronic foot pain and leg discomfort with no relief from devices? Well, at this site you may find help. NeruBiotech.


com is the official website of Neru Patch Therapy for Foot and Leg. This therapy was developed by a Japanese doctor that tried to solve those problems. Patch therapy has been used in oriental medicine for many years. In Asia it is called Netterumani, which means while sleeping in Japanese language, because the patch is used while you are sleeping. Neru Patch Therapy for Foot and Leg is an all natural ingredients patch that uses Agarigus Mushroom, Tourmaline Powder, Vinegar powder, Menthol, and Cornstarch. You have to apply Neru Patch before bedtime, one to two patches per foot. You have to use the patches for 5 to 12 hours before removing them. The patches will change their color from to yellow or brownish and you will feel your feet and legs refreshed because Neru Patch promotes blood circulation and detoxification.


Author : Mery Fisher

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