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NaturalStandard.comNatural Standard is an international research site that resumes information which is related to complementary and alternative therapies. What is more, the information that is created on the site is based on: evidence, consensus and also is peer-reviewed, with the collaboration of the Editorial Board.


The aim of this collaboration is to be able to provide objective and reliable information. This will help clinicians, patients, and healthcare institutions to take informed and safe therapeutic decisions. The site is organized into different categories such as databases: foods, herbs & supplements, health & wellness, comparative effectiveness, medical conditions, brand names, interactive tools; products; news & events; blog; audio / podcasts, dictionary, nutrition, education, practitioners and demos. The education section provides live, print and on-line educational materials, that are accredited continuing education modules based on complementary and alternative medicine reviews. In addition, modules cover issues range from safety to interactions, and efficacy of therapies. So if you want to learn a bit more about health issues with this site you will get the opportunity to do it.


Author : Fred Inman

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