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NameToolkit.comThe Name Toolkit is the one site you should check if coming up with a catchy name for your yet-to-be-released startup has got stranded. Here, you will be able to key in a concept or two associated with the services that you intend to provide, and receive lots of suggestions in return.


Technically, the Name Toolkit uses eight different algorithms in order to scour a great linguistic database and come up with its lists of suitable names. You can instruct the application to only display names which are not taken, and you can also have the resulting URLs sorted by relevance. That is very useful – it is often very tricky to pick one domain or the other, especially when you are new to the game of naming sites and companies. And results can also be sorted alphabetically, and by length.

All in all, a time-saving solution and no mistaking. Newcomers will find it greatly useful if only because they will be pointed in the right direction almost instantly, whereas people who are more seasoned will also get all the inspiration they could need when they get stuck and there seems to be no easy way out. In Their Own Words

Name Toolkit is a domain name generator.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a great way to find good (and available) names without having to think that much at all.

Some Questions About

How many words can you combine at once?


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