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NailsMag.comIf you are a manicure professional, this site is going to have a privileged room in your bookmarks section: the digital version of a renowned manicure magazine dealing with nothing but nails, caring for them, making them more beautiful, and learning more stuff that has to do with nails. By visiting this site, users can take a look at the present and past issues, read excerpts from the articles, take a look at photo galleries, and even download podcasts.

If you are more concerned about the business aspect of caring for nails, this site can be of help as well, as it hosts an industry directory, and also a classifieds section in the forum area; however, if business is a distant goal and you are still training yourself, can get you in touch with some interesting sources of information and video tutorials online, or you can just create an account to receive the magazine in your home and read on. A very useful bit of this site is the ‘Resources’ area, where you can find a variety of handouts and white papers on caring for nail salon professionals, hygiene guidelines and health tips to minimize the risk of inhaling nail products, and most of these materials are available in Spanish and some Asian languages too, plus you can print flyers for clients as well, where they can learn what to look for in a salon or how to take care of their manicure at home.