KillerStartups – Nationwide Video Store Network

MyVideoStore.comThough some predict that video stores as we know them have their remaining days counted, some purists still love the feeling of going over to your local rent shop to find out what’s new, make some pop corn and indulge in a weekend of movie marathon. If you belong to this last species of happy viewers, take a look at MyVideoStore.

com, a site which works mostly as a directory of local video stores around the US, where you will be able to locate where your local rental is by typing your zip code, visit their store, or learn about the newest DVD releases. This site is also a great way to learn about cinema, as it presents a series of special features on classic and contemporary commercial cinema, including a movie timeline, a list of the most moving pictures of all times, and even a glossary of what parental guidance initials mean. Also very interesting about’s approach to video rental is that it carefully reviews each week’s DVD releases, so by visiting the site you can get recommendations on what to rent (and most importantly, what not to waste your time in), just as you would get from the clerks at your local video store.

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