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How many times you wanted to use a web software and you didn’t know where to start?
How many times you wanted to have a detailed opinion and step by step instructions on how to use a web software? How many times you wanted to compare software and get some recommendations?

Introducing, the web software review site!

Here you can find detailed reviews for many kind of web software: social networks, video sharing, blog systems, content management system, e-commerce, wikis, photo galleries, security, customer support .

..and more.

The reviews are written by users for users (we strive to maintain the neutrality and we don’t accepts reviews from the software manufacturers).

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The widget is highly configurable and you don’t have to register in order to use it.
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We are constantly looking for advanced users who want to share their expertise in web software..and get paid for that!

In the future we want to add a discussion forum so that our visitors can interact between them easily and share experiences and offer help (and mabe a social network).

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are not that many websites which have detailed reviews about web software (software which runs in a browser and on a web server).
Detailed reviews means all from A to Z, not just several paragraphs (we strive to include video-tutorials too). tries to become a one-stop-shop for people who are interested in this topic (wether they are begginers or advanced).