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Mystery-shoppers.comThere exist many ways for a businessman to know what is the perception that customers have of his shop. One of these is the use of a mystery shopper.


Basically, the term “Mystery Shopper” alludes to a marketing practice whereby an individual poses as a customer when he is in fact gathering information about a store which is later presented to the owner. These services cater for a wide number of commercial enterprises, although the most frequent venues where mystery shopping is carried out include retail stores and restaurants. Those who wish to carry out such an activity can fill in an application at the Mystery Shoppers website. This includes personal particulars along with contact information. Moreover, information on places where the individual could shop must be provided, alongside a brief essay on what makes good customer service. In addition to that, the site includes a collection of pages which are geared towards retailers. A multimedia demo which can be watched online is featured therein.


Author : Roger Hollings

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