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MySpaceLayouts.orgEven if it is true that MySpace is losing popularity by the minute, the fact remains that its users keep going crazy about personalizing their profiles, so here comes yet another site that offers html codes to create layouts and complex graphics. What really sets this site wide apart from its competitors it’s the incredible variety and good taste of the stuff on offer.


For instance, I found some really impressive emo, gothic and anime layouts, alongside with nascar, federal and service jobs and NBA contents. But there is so much more, like the tweaks for each area of the profile (comment boxes, scroll, contact tables, etc), plus the generators, which will create special animations (fortune cookie, t-shirt, ‘for dummies’ books series and lots of other cool stuff). After you’ve taken a look around and chosen what you want to get in order to have your profile looking great, just make a couple of clicks, select color and size and the site will provide you with the html code for you to paste directly into your profile, and all of that for free.


Author : Steve Dixon

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