KillerStartups – Finding Scenic Routes In The US

MyScenicDrives.comAs its name suggest, this site will let you find good scenic routes to drive down all over the United States. The basic premise is simple: you simply tell the site where it is you are located and then it will produce a list of scenic drives close to where you are.

You weigh them up, decide which one would be the most suitable one and then off you head into the sunset.

Each drive’s profile includes not only directions for the majority of GPS devices on the market today, but also and an overview, recommended stops and weather indications. In that way, you can ensure that the drive will be 100 % suitable not just for yourself but also for any friends that are in tow, not to mention your family in the event you are riding with them.

Of course, the site is open to contributions by users. It actually thrives on those, so if you have discovered a cool route in your trips across the US you might as well share it here for the benefit of everybody. In Their Own Words

“Tell us where you are and within moments we’ll find the perfect scenic drive for you!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns getting anywhere into a more fulfilling time for your senses.

Some Questions About

Which States are better-represented so far?

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