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MyPerfectRent.comMy Perfect Rent is a website that will let you find the perfect place to live in, and at a price you could afford. This is achieved by letting you specify the city and the State that you want to live in, and how much you are ready to pay by moving a slider than can go all the way from $ 0 to $ 10,000.


And if you want to ensure the relevancy of the results that are put your way, you can actually specify the neighborhood, the actual number of bedrooms and baths and whether or not pets are allowed. You can also request that only properties that come with features like saunas, Jacuzzis and basketball courts be taken into account.

In this way, the site aims to give the whole residential rental process a bigger dose of flexibility. There is just no comparison with renting something in person. A site such as this one will let you save the endless calls and the crossing of lists that have always gone with trying to determine if a property is worth considering at all. Here, you will get all the basic information and a visual representation of the rental itself from the very beginning. In Their Own Words

“Your place. Your price.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Looking for a place to live in doesn’t have to be so complicated, and sites like this one effectively make that process easier.

Some Questions About

Will neighboring countries ever be supported too?


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