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MyInternalReferral.comIn case you are looking for a new challenge or a new job it is always a good idea to have information about the company where you want to work, as well as to be prepared for the all important interview. Until now, you have been sending CV, s and then you have had to wait because you really do not know the Way the company works. provides a service to match hidden employees and hidden jobs to suitable candidates. In this way you will not waste your time by waiting for the company’s answer. In case you represent a company, you will have the chance to get the right candidate for the right job.

This system does not replace interviews but it provides a useful platform for feedback and advice. On this site you will find simple and honest advice that could lead you to the hidden job market.

Due to the fact that 70% of jobs aren’t advertised, aims to help professionals to get the right job by providing referrals from already established employees. This seems to be an effective way to find what you are looking for.


Author : Bill Webb

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