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MyFaceliftStory.comPart of the marketing tactics of beauty products and treatments rely heavily on miracle and drama: a crooked granny enters the operation room and one shot later out walks Ursula Andrews in her white bikini. Sensible adults should be able to discern that there is a tiny bit of exaggeration, and as much lies, in the beauty treatment ad business.

If you are considering surgery, a face lift or any other form of radical move to shake some years off, you are strongly advised to thoroughly research your options before showing up to your doctor’s office, and can help you get a part of that job done: the site was built with the intention to support and tell the truth about Lifestyle Lift, a particularly light cosmetic surgery procedure that’s very useful to give the face a look of youngness without the dangers of full anesthesia or a major operation. Other than testimonials by site visitors, users will be able to read about the procedure in itself, see lots of before/after pictures of men and women, and use the links to other medical sites and associations to go on reading about the Lifestyle Facelift.

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