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MyEmbroideries.comAre you interested in the world of sewing? Are you a sewing lover? Do you love seeing different embroideries on peoples clothing? Embroidering can be a really magical world. To get the best information and products of the embroidering world from experts, you must head to MyEmbroideries.

com. is a website that is run by the SVP Group, a global leader in design, manufacture, and distribution of consumer and artisan sewing machines and accessories. The SVP Group was founded in 2006 when the company who owned the Singer brand, Kohlberg and Company, acquired Swedish VSM Group. Today, this company is split into two sectors, one in the United States and one in Sweden, they are now known as the SVP Group. This means that when you visit you are looking at world famous products that you can really rely on. To learn more about the best embroidery retailers in the world, log on to now.

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