search cancel – Where Your Class Wiz Is Here to Help is a site where students can post or answer questions on an infinite variety of class subjects in order to receive or provide help.


This website is meant for the flow of accurate knowledge that fills the gap between personal studying and classroom learning. takes over where the reaches of in-person tutoring occur. The site is trying to create a free online community of reputable college and university students in an effort to foster learning and enrich the existing networks between schools. To get started simply register on the site in order to start posting.

If you have a specific question on a subject you’re studying but can’t seem to get an answer to, just create a new post and someone with expertise in that area will hopefully be able to give you a hand. If you’re proficient at one or more subjects, feel free to browse through the posted questions and answer that ones you feel you know. This intellectual intercourse amongst students allows all who participate to improve their scholastic aptitude and results in the classroom.


Author : Bill Webb

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