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MuxSeek.ah-huh.netSo MuxTapes is the new mixtapes done Web 2.0 style.


It’s caught on like the flu and everyone’s having fun making their own mixtapes online for the entire world to hear. Like any cult Web 2.0 app, there are bound to be extensions, applications and more little add ons to make the site more useable and useful. MuxTapes has been accrueing quite of few of late. And one of those is called MuxSeek, which is basically a search engine for MuxTape. It doesn’t look like much– a simple pink background, a search bar and a tag cloud full of artists make up the entire page. Yet, it doesn’t need much for what it does– find songs that have been uploaded to MuxTapes. To use, just enter an artist, keyword, genre, band, etc or click on one of the tags in the tag cloud. A list of mixes from MuxTapes pops up along with the song name and artist. Click to find the entire mixtape and buy the mp3. In Their Own Words

“Muxtape search”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a clever yet simple site that lets you find artists easily and quickly.

Some Questions About

Is it legal? How long will it last? Can it last?


Author : Bruce Turner

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