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MuseumStoreCompany.comMuseum Store Company is the official site for the Artifact company that dedicates to provide a wide collection of art, artifact, and museum reproductions, as well as historical and classical jewelry. The products are organized in categories so you will find them faster.


Here you can shop by item type: autographed / rare / limited, fossil & dinosaur, globes / compass / sundials, historic furnishings & decor, icons / crosses & fonts, jewelry- accessories, jewelry, bracelets, jewelry-earrings, jewelry-necklace & pendant, jewelry-pins & brooches, jewelry-rings, life sized & large format, miniatures & netsuke, mobiles & motion art, mugs / mini-rugs / lights, neckties & cufflinks, paintings / prints & photos, relief & wall hangings, rugs & floor coverings, scarves / umbrellas / bags, sculpture & statues, stained glass & frescos, toys / games & cards; by culture / period: prehistoric artifacts & art, ancient egyptian artifacts, ancient greek & roman, asian / oriental & hindu, assyrian / persian & african, precolumbian mayan aztec, medieval / european / abbey, 18th century to present, modern art / art deco / retro, american & western US, nature / animals & wildlife, fossils & dinosaurs, science / air / sea & space, gift cards-certificates, rugs-persian to modern or you can shop by price range. So if you are interested in this products then you should check out this site.


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