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Msiwix.comThis is the online home of the Manning Service Indiana Wicks and Heaters, a store that offers the largest selection of portable kerosene heaters, wicks, parts, and accessories. Through Msiwix.

com visitors can access the whole stock of products available, including special offers and discounts. Navigate the specific sections by clicking the links at the top of your screen; inside each section you will find all the categories and types of products available, including pictures, technical information, and tips. At the homepage you can check the list of brands available, as well as most popular products and hottest deals. With over 60 years serving the Indiana community, the store also offers high quality illuminators, panel heaters, glowicks, and other kinds of heaters in prestigious brands, such as Toyostove, Corona, and Sengoku. However, online ordering isn’t available, so if you want to buy a product you should call the store’s department.