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MPTV.orgAre you tired of making zapping and never finding the right program in the TV? is the site that provides you information concerning everything that happens in the public television of Milwaukee.

In this site you will be able to find the TV schedules of the whole week, with the names and time of the programs. Furthermore, there is a section in the home page named “MPTV productions” where you will have the possibility of getting informed not only about the Milwaukee productions, but also about other productions and the ways you have to purchase any videos. Each production has a web link for you in case you are interested in getting more information about it. The site enables you to get information as well about the new technologies such as Digital TV Transition and Descriptive Video Services among others, as well as new programs that have been recently released in the TV. A contact section is available at the bottom of the site in case you want to get in contact with Visit and see the TV schedules now!