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Mountainvalleygrowers.comMountain Valley Growers is a USDA certified company that deals in organic herbs and perennials. These can be viewed and browsed by category.


Likewise, a list can be visualized by zone or by availability. Other items on offer include organic plug trays and organic seeds, along with organic basil seed kits. Gardening supplies of every denomination can also be found and perused online. These include pots, hanging baskets, pest deterrents, and organic fertilizers. Likewise, indoor lightning systems are available, as well as scarecrow motion detector systems. In addition to that, the site features reference information on plant colors, zones, cultivation and use information. There is even a botanic name cross reference feature, which matches common names to the corresponding botanic name. A catalog can be requested online free of charge, and a downloadable version can also be procured and printed. A wide array of newsletters is available to choose from, in accordance with the task at hand. Lastly, the site enables visitors to ask herb questions via a conveniently placed link.


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