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MotorMouths.comThinking about buying a new car? Need a second opinion about any new car model? is an easy resource for you to consult. is a website that can quickly tell you which new cars gets the best reviews and scores from automotive critics. This website was designed in order to provide you with the help you need to shop smarter. This is very useful if you want buy high quality cars.

Here’s how it works: gathers and organizes new car reviews from leading publications. It then derives a vehicle score for every new car, based on what each critic wrote about it. Then it calculates the average of those individual scores, to determine an overall score for every car.

This is very positive since you know that all these critics are very qualified. This allows cars to be ranked alongside each other, so you can quickly see what the critical consensus is for every new car.

If you want one-click access to reviews for any new car, seems to be the place.


Author : Bill Webb

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