– Monsters And Fairy Creatures

Monstropedia.orgWhether you believe in them or not, monsters exist. As long as they live in people’s mind and are among people’s thought, they can turn into something real.

If you would like to know all about this controversial creatures, check out this site. On the top of the webpage there are a few links, like articles, discussion, history, etc. At the left side of the web site you will see several links containing angels and demons, artificial monsters, corporeal undead, cryptids and dinosaurs, fairy creatures, human monsters, paranormal entities, fabulous beasts, shape shifters, and more. In addition, there is a link designated to mythology where you can read about the most popular myths related to monsters. Furthermore, there is a forum for discussion, as well as a gallery full of pictures for you to see. There is a shop link, where you can get some merchandise too.