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MonsterTrucks.netFully dedicated to aggregating the best Monster Truck material, media, information and links the internet has to offer, is an essential bookmark for any lover of this kind of vehicles and competitions.


Though it is true that there is a long list of similar sites in this segment, there are a couple of high points to this site which definitely make it stand from the crowd, probably most important of which is the very moderate advertising load and the good design job. The site positions itself as a guide to other content on the web, and does not provide any editorial or original content, which seems like a good thing to me, as it will link directly to original articles and reviews to be found on other authoritative sites around, as opposed to paraphrasing what the others say. The directory is open for user submissions of links and sources, so it is building up as a nice collaborative project done and kept by and for the people who are really interested in knowing about Monster Trucks and related motoring sports.


Author : Steve Dixon

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