search cancel – New Talent from the Midwest originally began as a documentary on Midwest music, but later became a web based community that focuses on the story of high-end independent artists trying to break into the industry mainstream.


Their struggle to do this, while continuing to make good music and remain true to themselves, makes for a very compelling storyline. Mododi combines the mediums of video and audio to create an online presence that displays more of the artists than the traditional “Youtube” or “Myspace” method that many are currently using. First, Mododi creates a community of like-minded artists that, first and foremost, are dedicated to making good music. This can not be stressed enough, as the music is what drives the site. Mododi keeps the focus on the music by creating a play list of the hottest independent artists in the region and giving them a forum for their music to be heard. The video clips on the site further serve the purpose of introducing and exposing the artists to a broader fan base. The artists and their music are not censored which would serve no real purpose. If you want to check out new talent, take a look at


Author : Bill Webb

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