– Healthy Patients, Happy HCPs is an integrated medical practice assistant and library, only online.

The portal aims to provide US doctors with all the paperwork and regulation stuff, plus all the newest scientific advances and drug information. is powered by Advanstar communications, a medical journal publisher, which allows healthcare professionals (HCP) to gain immediate access to a large cross-specialty library of updated content, which has a very good search engine, in the sense that it looks for material in the same way that a librarian would. For instance, if you type in levonorgestrel, a recently contraceptive approved by the FDA, it will retrieve everything related to that specific drug, and also to the specific category it belongs to, which is contraceptive drugs. That’s in regard to the library. The assistant area comes in with the massive paperwork library available at the site, which includes billing and informed-consent formularies for all health insurance providers in the US, for all larger areas of healthcare. There is also a Patient Education Center that allows HCP to print out instructions for patients or carers on how to take care of a sick person, or how to take medication. In order to use these services fully, physicians have to register, but doing so is completely free. In Their Own Words

“Why Register at Modern Medicine?
Modern Medicine is a new medical resource for time-starved physicians and healthcare professionals featuring the latest medical news, evidence-based information, CME, patient education and practice management resources: Concise article summaries from over 300 peer reviewed journals, Coding & formulary reimbursement tools, Robust library of CME programs, Customizable patient education, Coverage of over 80 medical conferences, Email alerts…and much more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With the US Healthcare systems crisis that has been carefully explored by such unsettling personalities as Michael Moore, it seems that the time has come that doctors indeed get some help in order to stop the bureaucratic avalanche from actually allowing them to take care of patients, so a resource as widespread and useful as internet should always be used in order to maximize and improve the way that doctors do their work.

Some Questions About

Signing up as a member of this site is free, which means that gets its funding not by consumer approval but by advertising, which in turn makes one wonder who it is that is paying for the advertising that substantiates this portal, and makes one hope dearly that the information on drugs and procedures is not at all biased by the pharmaceutical industries that indirectly pay for the site writer’s wages. Will the people at consider at least putting a notice on this issues so that ethically-driven doctors can be comfortable using their services?