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MobiWatcher – Monitor And Control Home From Cell Phone

Viusally connected anytime and anywhere!


MobiWatcher opens a new field for IP video surveillance in mobile world by seamlessly integration real time snapshot, live video, alarm notification, remote monitor and control into mobile device so that users, especially those on the go, can be visually connected with what important to them with peace of mind using a mobile device.

With our open platform for any type of video capture , standalone IP Camera or PC based Web cam, MobiWatcher is dedicated to develop affordable, reliable and extensible residential and business monitoring solution from deployment of pure digital system to extension on existing surveillance system.

Many home security providers server the public in today’s market and they absolutely can dispatch alerts to you, however, none of them enable you to view what happened when you receive alerts.

We do.

We make your home security viewable, not only audible so that Users of mobiWatcher can monitor home anytime anywhere from cell phone. When motion detected or sensor triggered, user will get alerts in cell phone as SMS and can view snapshot or live video directly from cell phone right away.

Why MobiWatcher It Might Be A Killer

There are some service providers hosting digital home surveillance service out there, but what makes MobiWatcher standing out.

The first killer reason is our open platform. Unlike other service which only support specific video capture device, for example, web cam or some specific IP camera, Mobiwatcher is designed and created with compatibility and flexibility in mind at the first day, and is becoming such a open platform that any IP camera and web cam can be hooked in our system and function immediately. This unique advantage requires no purchase new hardware to enjoy our service thus reduces the cost of ownership, and opens the door to a huge potential user base.

The second killer reason is the usability. IP video surveillance will be the next big wave in surveillance and security industry, and is the choice in the digital era. However, set up and configure an IP camera can be a daunting task even for an experienced IT professional, and almost a mission impossible for a regular family or business user. To make IP Camera easy to configure and use is the major motivation to create mobiWatcher, which can help regular users to set up and install an IP camera in the following aspects:
1. Auto Camera detection
2. Auto DDNS register and configuration to handle dynamic IP address
3. Auto port forwarding mapping in router for most routers
4. Auto configure most common settings such as NTP,FTP,SMP, WIFI, Port, in IP Camera
5. Auto set up account with mobiWatcher, and user will find their device just working magically.

The another advantage is that mobiwatcher service is integrated seamlessly with our free mobile client so that user can solely use cell phone to manage their video capture device, such as turn it on/off motion detection, turn on/off alarm, receive alerts, view real time snapshot or recorded images, directly in cell phone. It actually opens a new space in mobile world for the application of IP surveillance.

The last advantage of mobiwatcher is potential application in home automation with its pre-built remote control feature. It is every easy to plug in a http X10 controller in our system to control the lights or small consumer appliance with cell phone.


Author : Charly Zaks

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