– Mount Everest Site is a site entirely dedicated to climbers and trekkers that have set themselves an ambitious climbing goal: the Mount Everest.

The site provides much relevant information to those adventurers who have definitely decided to travel to Nepal and the Tibet, and reach the highest point of the planet. It is thought to be a powerful tool, since it provides with many online services, all of them which you can find at the site map. Services include many useful operations, since Nepal Visa application to basic Nepali lessons, from a rupee/dollars converter to the Everest equipment list. At the homepage you will find the latest news about climbing and trekking; they are chronologically organized, and each link lead you o an external website. News include information about ropes, latest successful Everest climbers, weather reports, and more. There are also other complementary items, such as games, trivia, climbing humor, and other funny sections.