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Ml-implode.comThis is the website of The Mortgage Lender, a site that has decided to take drastic decisions against economic injustices. The site is mainly focused on tracking the housing finance breakdown, which in its opinion is mostly due to a saga of corruption, hypocrisy, and government complicity.


To that end, they provide visitors and customers with the Implode-o-Meter, an online tool that will be very useful if you sometime have been into financial trouble. The mission of is transparency, education, and accountability. It focuses on the housing finance sector, which has become the focal point of extreme distortions in the US economy, and has now obviously transitioned to outright collapse. This site is a forum; people on this site are here to learn as much to teach, and wish to foster discussion regarding the issues. All of the primary information on the site is received, either from the mainstream media, independent media and bloggers, or people working in the housing finance sector.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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