Mingle360.com – Meet. Click. Connect.

Mingle360.comMingle360.com offers a new product called the MingleStick, which is an “electronic business card” that enables people to quickly exchange contact information with each other.

Within the context of a tradeshow or convention, it’s a simple and easy way to connect with numerous people throughout the day.

The MingleStick is a small, single button device. On one end is an infrared sensor which sends and receives wireless information, and on the other end is a USB connector which connects to a computer to upload data.

Two users point their MingleSticks at each other and click the button to create a successful connection. At the end of the day, the user takes their MingleStick and plugs it into their computer. The Mingle360 website automatically launches and the user logs into their account to view the number of connections they made.

Trade show managers and event planners looking for a differentiated experience can use Mingle360’s new and innovative technology. At meetings and tradeshows, the MingleStick enables attendees to connect with each other with a click of a button. It’s a simple yet powerful device with great utility because it takes a person’s real world connections and extends them online.