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Mimousafiles.comFirst established in the year 2002, MimoUSA is a supplier of aftermarket accessories that operates in the automotive industry. The company is both a manufacturer and a wholesale distributor of car parts and accessories, and its website can be found at MimoUSA.


com. The site itself is subdivided into categories that provide a good overview of the services rendered by the company and the products that it provides. These are described in the section entitled “Products”, and they include both interior and exterior parts, wheels, electronics like Bluetooth car kits, and accessories such as dash care products. For its part, the newest additions to the catalog can be found in the pertinent section. On the other hand, a page that goes by the name of “Where to Buy” features a list of both retail and online MimoUSA authorized dealers. Corporations and businesses that desire to become part of the MimoUSA dealer program can fill a dealer application online. This application includes personal particulars along with both company and business information.


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