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Mimf.comDo you know what a luthier is? If you look up in the dictionary or in any of the internet’s search engines, you’ll discover that a luthier is a person who makes musical instruments with his/her own hands. Well, it turns out that they have all joined in one place; the one you are about to enter. is the online Music Instrument Makers Forum, a place where the real creators of music come to exchange ideas, discuss musical topics, and learn a lot from each other. It isn’t guaranteed that any ordinary visitor can learn how to make a musical instrument through this site, but they will certainly learn a lot about this profession, its advantages and disadvantages. Topics discussed include acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, violin making, drum making, and a lot more. Here you can also access a bookstore and a tool store to easily buy luthier equipment online.


Author : Sebastian Thompson

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