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Milieux.comThis site provides useful information about costumes, gothic fashion and much more. You can start off in this site by selecting one of the categories such as Costume Site, Costume Source, Stone Hill, Launch Times, SF Links or Gothic Fashion.


In the Costume site you will find interesting information about history, science fiction and fantasy costumers. You will be able to read about design, art, museums, organizations and much more. In the Costume Source section you will find costumes, materials, accessories, book and much more. Here you can select what you are looking for and this site will redirect you to the site that has the products you wish to have available for you to purchase it online. Among the products available are armors, footwear, hats, wigs, masks and much more. In the Stone Hill section you can read about the Stone Hill SF Association, you will find about what all this is about in this section of the site. This and much more is available for you to investigate and find what you need.


Author : Mery Fisher

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