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Milewise.comThis is a service that you can but find excellent if you are a frequent flier. will let you find the most convenient flights you could get in exchange for these airline miles that you have already accrued, and these hotels that you could stay at using credit card points. And you’ll be able to do all that using a neat dashboard which simplifies discovering which flights to take and which hotels to head for like never before.


All the data you can get on Milewise comes from major flight inventory providers such as Orbitz and Everbread, and also straight from the airlines which are analyzed. And over 300 different rewards programs are currently supported.

So, Milewise is unlike any other flight search engine in the sense that it lets you take all the rewards you have earned in the past into account, along with “traditional” factors such as prices, payment methods, and the actual number of connections at play. And Milewise can also keep track of all your rewards, and warn you when they are about to expire. In Their Own Words

Search flights in cash, miles and points.

Some Questions About

Is a mobile version of this service available? If not, when will one come through? Which features of its own could it have?


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