– Kerosene Wicks And More

Milesstair.comThere is nothing better than lighting up a kerosene lantern in the middle of storm and playing some Chinese checkers. When the electricity goes out, there is no time for fumbling for the matches and locating the candles.

You need to have the kerosene lamp handy with a good wick so that you can light up the house with the brilliant glow of your good old kerosene lamp. is a site that can help you to make sure that all your wicks are in good condition. This site contains many different kinds of kerosene heaters and wicks for every major brand. You can simply scroll down the list until you find your wick or heater of your choice. And, the site also has a selection of knobs, igniters, and pumps that will help you to maintain your equipment in good working order. Don’t get scared in the dark. will help you to shed some light on the subject when the power goes off.