Michtoy.com – The Toy Soldier Online Store

Michtoy.comAs you probably can imagine, michtoy.com is an online store dedicated to selling toys, but not all kind of toys; you will find exclusively toy soldiers, as well as figure kits and historical miniatures.

If you visit the website, you will be able to see their online catalog, which includes; metal toy soldiers, plastic toy soldiers, as well as historical figure kits, plastic model kits and more. For all collectors’ enthusiasts out there, you will love to discover the collectible military vehicles and aircraft items available at this site. Other collector’s items include; old toy soldiers and some other rarities items. Customers can also find in their online catalog: paints and supplies; scenic, diorama and display items; books, magazines, prints and movies and a wide selection of catalogs and t-shirts as well. As you can see, they offer a wide variety of styles and manufactures of toy soldiers, figure kits and historical miniatures. Don’t forget to check the specials of the month. Customers can shop online; visit the website to learn more about this. Customer service is also available. If you have any inquiry, don’t hesitate in contacting them. Michtoy.com