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Micentral.comMicentral.com is the online portal for the Oakland Press, the Macomb Daily, the Daily Tribune in Royal Oak, The Morning Sun in Mt.

Pleasant and more than 80 weekly newspapers in Michigan all owned by Journal Register Company. Several links will take you directly to the publication of your interest, including the publications mentioned before, non-daily publications and daily and non-daily classified sites like Advisor&Source, The Voice, Thumb Classifieds and many more awaiting your consultation. A traditional layout and the discreet presentation of the information are personally the top features of this website. It offers full news coverage, marketplace, entertainment and business information from Oakland, Michigan, nationwide and worldwide. Some of the sections cover strange news information, travel, technology, sports, science and health. Find out the latest entertainment events along with music and video reviews, recipes, menus, a sport blog central and helpful content such as classifieds, job offers, vehicles, homes, news ads and overall what every online news portal or channel has to offer. Be updated with the latest news and interesting stuff through this impressive online portal, no matter if you are in Oakland or somewhere else. Micentral.com