– Meet in the Middle

MezzoMan.comNow that is out you will have no further reason to procrastinate that date with your friends because they live far away from your home and you don’t want to get jammed in Friday night traffic.

This new Google map-based service locates the exact middle point between two locations, and points to places that match the search term which are close-by to that point. Using is free and easy: when entering the site you need to indicate the #1 and #2 full addresses, and choose something to do from a drop down list, which includes Italian Food, coffee, bowling alleys, pubs, ice cream shops and more, plus a searchbox in case what you are looking for is not included in the list. After you’ve chose that, a map is displayed showing all the possible options plus driving directions and links to the place’s website when one is available. In Their Own Words

“American food, bar, Bowling Alley, Chinese food, Coffee, Greek Food, Ice Cream, Indian Food, Italian food, Japanese food, Mexican food, Movie theater, Pizzeria, Pub, Seafood”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Mezzoman is the ultimate social networking site, as it actually helps people meet and meet new places they would normally not have noticed; also the service works for most major cities that have online directories of bars, restaurants and places to go out.

Some Questions About

The service Mezzoman gives is not terribly different from that offered by good ol’ Google maps. If the site continues to be as stripped bare as it is, I really cannot think of any good reason to switch to it as opposed to sticking to the original. Maybe a good solution would be to allow users to comment on their experiences and recommend (positively or negatively) on the indexed restaurants. I can also think of Mezzoman developing additional help features, like indicating where parking space is available close by to the point in between of the two addresses, or public transportation indications. Will they build in any cool feature to make the crossover tempting enough?