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MetroSeeq.comFinding yourself heading to super discounted food outlets, combing through coupons, and generally not eating so much? These are hard times for folks on a limited budget and food prices aren’t helping. MetroSeeq aims to help alleviate some of the economic hurt with a website that does the coupon clipping for you .


MetroSeeq is a new site that combines a search engine with Google Maps to help you find sales, deals, coupons and ways to save a buck or two when it comes to food, restaurants, and groceries in your area. There’s two ways to search: Proximity and Deal Search. The latter lets you find coupons on a movable, scalable Google map. It works for all cities nationwide. The former, Proximity Search helps you find businesses closest to you and en route to a certain destination making your commute more manageable and efficient. In Their Own Words

“With record food prices affecting prices at restaurants and grocery stores around the nation, consumers are increasingly clipping coupons and scouting for limited-time offers. Seeking to streamline the process of bargain hunting, Metroseeq consolidates all these bargains into a user-friendly map, and offers two ways to search for savings”

Why It Might Be A Killer

MetroSeeq is a clever tool to use to help you find ways to reduce costs and make your commute worth while. Why waste time and money when you don’t have to?

Some Questions About

What about a mobile feature? Is MetroSeeq accurate? Can users add more to their locales?


Author : Bruce Turner

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