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MeteorShowersOnline.comA question most people has made to themselves many times, is what is the different between a comet and a meteor; is the site that could explain that question and any other doubt you could have about the meteor shower.


You will be able to find many different sections, such as the Education center, with tons of information about comets, meteors and asteroids, all of them explained so that any person can understand, with a naked eye appearance description, explanation of what they are, and examples for you better understanding. There are other sections where you can learn what a meteor shower is, the best way to watch the meteors, listings of the major meteor showers, minor meteor showers, and look into the meteor shower calendar, where you can prepare yourself for the next one. You can also find sections about Miscellaneous, Links and learn all about the author within the About the Author section.


Author : Fred Inman

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