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MetaFlavor.comWhen it comes to the taste of food, there’s nothing that works the same for two people. You might like meat, and your wife mike like salad, and maybe your children love candy, but no one’s tastes are the same.


So, how can you cater to your tastes using a site? Well, you should give a try.

With this interesting project/site, you’ll be able to search for your favorite foods in your area, making finding the right place to dine a hassle-free transaction. If you choose to sing up to the site, it’ll remember your tastes, so the recommendations will get more and more accurate as you start using the site more. The site’s engine is based on a theory that allows anyone to figure out your tastes by seeing what choices you make when it comes time to eat.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you can sing up for free. Just give a description of your restaurant, and it will be recommended when anyone searches for something similar. Still don’t know what to eat tonight? If so, checking out is a must. In Their Own Words

“Search from over 4 million dishes. Discover great new restaurants & flavor in your area.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a great idea. People are sure to appreciate a taste recognizing site like this.

Some Questions About

Is it that accurate? How long do you have to use it until it gets your exact tastes?


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