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Meta-EHealth.Com – Health And Wellness Center

Meta-EHealth.ComMeta-EHealth.Com is a unique resource of health and wellness information.


It is the only Internet-based business service that enables practitioners to provide personalized patient care beyond the office. If you are a practitioner you should click on the practitioner category, if you are a consumer enter to the consumer section. It uses functional medicine or medicine of the future. How? By promoting changes in lifestyle, environment, and nutrition, the practitioners rely on their knowledge of key physiological, genetic, and biochemical processes for establishing an innovative form of total patient wellness. If you want o find a practitioner, all you have to do is click on the Find a Practitioner category, located at the top of every page. Meta-e-Health does not make direct referrals or recommendations regarding health car practitioners; they provide contact information for doctors in your area that currently offer Metagenics products. For practitioners Meta-EHeatlth.Com is an online solution for marketing and communications, it provides them with all the tools they need to build a dynamic web presence, attract new patients, and strengthen relationships with existing patients. Meta-EHealth.Com


Author : Pat Gregson

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