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Mentaline.comMentaline hopes to become the one-stop resource for those looking for therapists and coaching professionals online. The site gives people the chance to look them up by specialty, and more than 20 are already provided including “Mood Disorders”, “Anger Management” “Chronic Pain”, “Grief or Loss” and “Parenting”.


Upon having carried your search, the site will enable you to get in touch with the therapist or coach in question, and book a time that suits both of you. The booking is confirmed and completed the moment that you pay for it online (using PayPal).

As it is only suitable, Mentaline includes a vast library of articles where you will be able to inform yourself about any issue, and from a good source at that. And the site also has a forum in which you can talk about anything that ails of preoccupies you with people who might be in exactly the same position that you are.

All in all, quite a comprehensive site that will let you find the help that you need, right when you need it. Everything is clear and understandable. And you can create your account at no cost. In Their Own Words

“Find therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists online.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Looking up therapists like this is considerably faster than looking them up manually, and far more convenient.

Some Questions About

Are there other sites that could be compared to this one? Or is this on a league of its very own?


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