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MentalHealthScreening.orgScreening for Mental Health, Inc. is a company dedicated to large-scale mental health screenings.


For both in-person and online, these programs attempt against depression, bipolar disorders, general anxiety disorders and many other conditions. The programs are implemented in mental health facilities, hospitals, workplaces, collages and many other places. In this site you will be able to find all the information you need to know about this company and about the products and services they provide. To search for information in this site you can look in the different categories dedicated to different areas such as college, military, workplaces, agencies and many more. Under these sections you will be able to find out how this company promotes prevention, early detection, under diagnosed and treatable mental health disorders in every area they work in. Apart from what’s been mentioned above, in this site you can also find information on screening events, professional education, tips for success, programming options, how to participate in the program and much more.


Author : Mery Fisher

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