search cancel – Memphis Library serves as an information center in the aforementioned state.


They have locations in Bartlett, Cherokee, Cordova, Cossitt, Frayser, Highland, Hollywood, Levi, Randolph, Raleigh, and other counties. The Memphis library offers a large array of archives, including audio visuals, audio books, VHS, DVDs, e-books, as well as many traditional books. From the web site you can search by category depending on the kind of material you require. Within the printed materials there are popular library, magazines, job and career center books, and many more. The loan period goes from seven o twenty one days. On the top of the webpage there are some sections, such as: catalogue, database, account, etc. Some of the book’s topics available are: arts and entertainment, home and garden, parenting, genealogy, etc. If you have any query or question, check out their site, go to the “ask a question” section, and post your request.


Author : Bill Webb

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