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Memidex.Com – Free Online Dictionary & Thesaurus

Memidex.ComThis site belongs to a company called Memidex which among many other things provides a free of charge online dictionary thesaurus.


Based on a Princeton University data base, this tool offers quite a few characteristics that have been added to the original database.

Memidex has a variety of unique and more general cross-referencing, as well as complete inflections, etc.

One of the main advantage of this tool is the fact that it is simple interface, as well as it is constantly updated.

Memidex will give you access to very detailed information about many senses, as well as you will use much more cross-references, and the direction to many convenient hierarchical links. Additionally, this tool has a listing of inflected forms, very clear abbreviated labels, etc.

Now you can perform a very rapid search in order to find exact matches by using a very comprehensive, and easily browse able index.

If you are a student as well as a professional writer, Memidex gives you a free and very easy-to-use online efficient solution.

This tool will make it easier for you to explore the English language in addition to the complete inflections take the guess-work out or pluralizing or conjugating words.



Author : Bruce Turner

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